JARMO SAARI is known for a visual compositional style and layered sound collages made with guitar, vocals, theremin, viola da gamba, trombone, loops and glass harp. He graduated from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki 1999.

COLLABORATIONS with Trilok Gurtu, Michael Brecker, Nils Landgren,

Anna-Mari Kähärä, Emma Salokoski, Tuomari Nurmio, Pekka Pohjola,
Britten Sinfonia, Meta4 string quartet, Mika Kaurismäki, Don Huonot,

Espoo Big Band, Tero Saarinen Company, Pepe Deluxe, Billy Cobham,

Tapiola Choir, UMO Jazz Orchestra, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra etc.


DISCOGRAPHY over 100 albums as a musician, producer, arranger, composer. Movie, theatre, television and contemporary dance scores.

Big band, choir, chamber, orchestra and theatre music.


PERFORMANCES in 30 countries since 1981.


NOMINATIONS: Received the Finnish National SUOMI-prize 2012.


A tribal jazz phenomenon strikes with three drummers


Jarmo Saari Republic is a Finnish supergroup introducing tribal and hypnotic soundscapes. Jarmo Saari and his tribe of 3 drummers create a ritualistic flow of rhythms and timbres. Amazing musicianship and instrumentation, dynamic interplay and pure rapture make this republic unforgettable.

Their rootsy and lyrical debut album was released 2014 and the crispy

follow-up is released March 2019. A digital EP "Helsinki Mavericks" (Membran, featuring Timo Lassy from the same label) was released in July 2018 to celebrate their concert at Pori Jazz Festival.

The members of this unique concept have collaborated for two decades with a wide scope of bands and artists such as Timo Lassy, Oddarrang, Kimmo Pohjonen, Britten Sinfonia, Tomasz Stanko and Von Hertzen Brothers.

Jarmo Saari - guitar, vocals, taurus pedal, theremin

Abdissa Assefa - drums & percussion

Sami Kuoppamäki - drums

Olavi Louhivuori - drums

Mikko Kaakkuriniemi is replacing Sami Kuoppamäki for 2019 shows.

Press excerpt:

"The musicians that just released their unbeatable 2nd album were true soldiers of light in the blue and red lights of the club stage."

Helsingin Sanomat, Harri Uusitorppa, G Livelab 3/2019

"There's no denying that Saari is a master of all facets of his instrument. He solos and accompanies with aplomb and frequently a lightness and a delicate mixture of the harmonic and the discordant. Saari certainly likes to take his audiences on extended journeys, and mix up his media along the way."

All About Jazz, Anthony Shaw 3/2019

”JSR entwined the audience and the performers as part of a ritual.”

Jyri Ojala / Karjalainen 2014

"The drummers allowed Saari to focus on his main metier, those enchantingly tweeked guitar sounds and washes that he layers, one over the other, to build a live wall of sound. With all three drummers working surprisingly hard behind him, Saari carried the show with a set of mainly guitar-driven rhythmic power that took everything before it, which only highlighted the contrast in sound when he laid aside his axe for some delicate wand-work with the theremin.” Anthony Shaw / All About Jazz 2014