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JARMO SAARI is known for a visual compositional style and layered sound collages made with guitar, vocals, theremin, viola da gamba, trombone, loops and glass harp. He graduated from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki 1999 and received the Finnish National SUOMI prize 2012.

COLLABORATIONS with Trilok Gurtu, Michael Brecker, Nils Landgren,

Anna-Mari Kähärä, Emma Salokoski, Tuomari Nurmio, Pekka Pohjola, Britten Sinfonia, Meta4 string quartet, Mika Kaurismäki, Don Huonot, Espoo Big Band, Tero Saarinen Company, Pepe Deluxe, Billy Cobham, Tapiola Choir, UMO Jazz Orchestra, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra etc.


DISCOGRAPHY over 100 albums as a musician, producer, arranger, composer. Movie, theatre, television and contemporary dance scores. Big band, choir, chamber, orchestra and theatre music.


PERFORMANCES in 30 countries since 1981.

Helsingin Sanomat interview 3/2020



Moominvalley” 2nd - 4th Season (Gutsy / YLE / SKY 2019- )

"Yövuoro” (Saara Saarela, YLE 2004)



Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe

(TTT 2023, director Samuli Reunanen, written by Kristian Smeds). Music, sound design and as a performer on stage with Suvi-Sini Peltola.

Hamlet” (TTT, director Otso Kautto, choreography Tero Saarinen 2020)

- composer (and performer) with Eeva Kontu and Varre Vartiainen.


"Kerron sinulle kaiken” (Simo Halinen, Edith Film 2013)

"Veljekset” (Mika Kaurismäki 2011)

"Stadilaista tangoa etsimässä” Tuomari Nurmio document

(Tahvo Hirvonen 2009)

"Haarautuvan rakkauden talo" (Mika Kaurismäki, Marianna Films 2009)

"Strengin puutarhassa” (Concert movie by Arto Halonen 2009)

"Magneettimies (Pekka Streng document)” (Arto Halonen, Art Films 2009)

Sonic mirror (Billy Cobham document)”

(Mika Kaurismäki feat. Randy Brecker and EBB 2007)

"Hengittämättä ja nauramatta” (Saara Saarela, Blind Spot Pictures / YLE 2002)

"Kuningas Hidas” (Saara Saarela, Blind Spot Pictures / YLE 2000)

"Kiltit tytöt” (Hanna Miettinen/Maylett, Kinotar / YLE 2000)



With Tero Saarinen Company (as a composer and performer):

"Next of kin” 2008

"Scheme of things" (NDT, Nederlands Dans Theatre) 2009

"Double lives" NordWest 2010

"Absent presence" 2011


With Sivuun Ensemble (Choreographed and directed by Ninni Perko):

"Silentopia" (2022)

"Murros" (2021)

"Yhteinen iho" (2019)

"Jatkot" (2017)

"Jalo Aatos” (2016)

"Vieraskirja” (Finnish National Theatre 2014)

"Vain rakkaudesta” (2012)

"Jäljet” (Zodiak 2011)



Kylmäketju” (dir. Juha-Ilmari Laine, Sivuun Ensemble 2020)

(Music composed by Petra Poutanen & Jarmo Saari)

The Wunderers” (dir. Janne Laiho, Sivuun Ensemble 2017)


Jarmo Saari Republic:

Soldiers of Light” (Eclipse 2019)

Helsinki Mavericks” (digi-EP 2018)

Jarmo Saari Republic” (Rockadillo Records 2014)


With Jarmo Saari Solu:

"Next of kin" (Rockadillo Records 2008)

"The making of LOVE" (Rockadillo Records 2007)

"Solu" (Rockadillo Records 2004)


Jarmo Saari Trubamolli:

"Trubamolli" (Rockadillo Records 2011)

Jarmo Saari Filmtet:

"Filmtet" (EMI Finland 2001)


Emma Salokoski & Jarmo Saari:

"Viileässä virrassa" (Music Box Helsinki 2023)

With XL:

"Cinematic Fantasies" The Best Of XL (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 2012)

"Visual" (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 2003)

"Surreal" (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 2002)

"Live Ballet" (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 2001)

"Jeti" (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 2000)

"Jukola" (Rockadillo/Pohjola Records 1998)

"Xlent" (Ondine 1995)


With ZetaBoo:

"OuterRail" (Aito Records 2006)

"MediZine" (Aito Records 2000)

"ZetaBoo" (Texicalli 1997)


With Reuna: "Smelly" (Exogenic Breaks Records 2003)


With Jukka Perko Avara:

"Invisible man" (ACT 2016)

"Martan ja Rudolfin Joulu" feat Johanna Iivanainen & HKO (EMI 2013)

"Avara" (EMI Blue Note 2012)


With Espoo Big Band:

"Blood red" (Galileo 2021)

"Merry, merry Christmas" (Galileo 2021)

EBB plays Husband: "Lauma" (Galileo 2016)

EBB feat.Trilok Gurtu: "Neandertal Grooves" (Jarmo Saari, EMI 2002)


Pepe Deluxe: "Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1" (Catskills Records 2021)

Hamlet: "Hamlet and His Gravediggers" (TTT 2021)

Tommy Lindgren Metropolis: "Sininen kaupunki" (Universal 2016)

John McGregor: "Luota" (Inspiration Recordings 2017)


Anna-Mari Kähärä Ochestra: "Another song" (Texicalli 2015)

Anna-Mari Kähärän Orkesteri: "Anna-Mari Kähärän Orkesteri" (EMI 2005)


As a producer, musician, arranger:

Esko Salminen - William Shakespeare (EMI Finland 2009)

Kalle Ahola: "I" (BMG 2000)

Susanna Haavisto: "Kadonnut tie" (EMI Finland 2002)

Sami Saari: "Turisti" (EMI Finland 2002)

Sergio Machado: "Quintal" (2004)

Kalle Ahola: "Kadun aurinkoiselle puolelle" (EMI Finland 2005)

Chameleon girl: "Sleeping Under The Rising Sun" (EMI Finland 2006)

Tuomari Nurmio & Kongontien Orkesteri: "Tangomanifesti" (PYRAMID 2006)

Tuomo Dahlblom: "02JKL" (Texicalli 2007)

Hanna Marsh: "Play" (EMI Finland 2008)


Selected recordings as a musician and/or a composer/arranger:

Tapiolan Kuoro: "Songs building bridges" (FINLANDIA Records 1983)

Vesa-Matti Loiri / Perko-Pyysalo Poppoo / Uuno Kailas (Ondine Octopus 1995)

EBB: "Live in Australia" (1998)

The Jp`s: "Do you see what I see (love)" (Texicalli 1998)

Janne Viksten: "Blue harbor" (Seita 1998)

Umo Jazz Orchestra: "Electrifying Miles" (A-Records 1998)

Hector: "Hidas" (EMI Finland 1999)

Jouni Järvelä Group: "Lento" (JJM/NAXOS 1999)

Pekka Lehti: "Outo voima" (Aito Records/Naxos 2000)

Wolf Larsen: "Totarti" (Strawberry 2001)

Olli Haavisto: "Pysäkkimusiikkia" (2002)

Hepa Halme Prospekt: "9 steps in line of beauty" (Silence 2003)

Pepe Deluxe: "BEATitude" (Catskills Records 2003)

Egotrippi: "20 suosikkia" (BMG 2003)

Wäinötär (Wolfram 2005) 

EMO Ensemble: "Maasta (On the earth)" (NCD 2005)

How Many Sisters: "Thank you for the kiss" (Rockadillo 2005)

Marzi: "Marzi" (EMI Finland 2006)

Ipanapa: "Ipanapa I" (EMI Finland 2007)

Arttu Takalo: "Protocols of dancing" (Rockadillo 2008)

Teemu Mattsson: "Intuition" (Free Agent 2008)

Bittersweet: "GoGo" (Fg Naxos 2008)

The Valkyrians: "The beat of our street" (Stupido 2009)

Veljekset Chydenius: "Isän kädestä" (Johanna Kustannus 2009)

Von Hertzen Brothers: "Love remains the same" (Dynasty 2008)

Pepe Deluxe: "Queen of the wave" (Catskills Records 2012)


with Fat Beat Sound System:

"Quality EP" (2002)

"Fala Fala" (Exogenic Breaks Records 2004)

"Late Downtown" feat. Hosni (Exogenic Breaks Records 2006)

"Feed the vocalists" (Exogenic Breaks Records 2007)


with Don Huonot:

"Tähti" (BMG Terrier 1999)

"Kultaiset apinat" (Megamania 1999)

"Torremolinos 2000 EP" with Apulanta (BMG Terrier & Levy-yhtiš)

"Olimme kuin veljet" Suurimmat hitit 1989-2003 (BMG 2003)

"don huonojen parhaat STUDIOSSA & LIVENÄ" (Sony/BMG 2008)


with lauluyhtye Rajaton:

"Sanat" (Plastinka Records 2003)

"Joulu" (Plastinka Records 2003)


with Quartet Coyote:

"Moisturizing" (Texicalli 2000)

"TRJVK + voc." (Texicalli 2004)


A tribal jazz phenomenon strikes with three drummers


Jarmo Saari Republic is a Finnish supergroup introducing tribal and hypnotic soundscapes. Jarmo Saari and his tribe of 3 drummers create a ritualistic flow of rhythms and timbres. Amazing musicianship and instrumentation, dynamic interplay and pure rapture make this republic unforgettable.

Their rootsy and lyrical debut album was released 2014 and the crispy

follow-up is released March 2019. A digital EP "Helsinki Mavericks" (Membran, featuring Timo Lassy from the same label) was released in July 2018 to celebrate their concert at Pori Jazz Festival.

The members of this unique concept have collaborated for two decades with a wide scope of bands and artists such as Timo Lassy, Oddarrang, Kimmo Pohjonen, Britten Sinfonia, Tomasz Stanko and Von Hertzen Brothers.

Jarmo Saari - guitar, vocals, taurus pedal, theremin

Abdissa Assefa - drums & percussion

Sami Kuoppamäki - drums

Olavi Louhivuori - drums

Mikko Kaakkuriniemi is replacing Sami Kuoppamäki for 2019 shows.

Press excerpts:

"Die Kombination von Saaris virtuosem Gitarrenspiel, den vielfältigen Percussion- Elementen und den unkonventionellen Instrumenten sorgte für eine atemberaubende Performance." :

"The combination of Saari's virtuoso guitar playing, the diverse percussion elements and the unconventional instruments made for a breathtaking performance." 

"Das begeisterte Publikum erlebte mit diesen vier genialen Künstlern ein musikalisches Spektakel der Extraklasse, das die Grenzen der Musik auslotete und die Zuhörer auf eine faszinierende Klangreise mitnahm. Die Musik war einfach Ausdruck von Emotionen und Kreativität, und deren Reiz konnte man sich nicht entziehen." :

"The enthusiastic audience experienced a musical spectacle in a class of its own with these four brilliant artists, who explored the boundaries of music and took the listeners on a fascinating journey of sound. The music was simply an expression of emotion and creativity, and its appeal was impossible to resist." Nottuln, Axel Engels 12th Oct 2023

"The musicians that just released their unbeatable 2nd album were true soldiers of light in the blue and red lights of the club stage."

Helsingin Sanomat, Harri Uusitorppa, G Livelab 3/2019

"There's no denying that Saari is a master of all facets of his instrument. He solos and accompanies with aplomb and frequently a lightness and a delicate mixture of the harmonic and the discordant. Saari certainly likes to take his audiences on extended journeys, and mix up his media along the way."

All About Jazz, Anthony Shaw 3/2019

"The drummers allowed Saari to focus on his main metier, those enchantingly tweeked guitar sounds and washes that he layers, one over the other, to build a live wall of sound. With all three drummers working surprisingly hard behind him, Saari carried the show with a set of mainly guitar-driven rhythmic power that took everything before it, which only highlighted the contrast in sound when he laid aside his axe for some delicate wand-work with the theremin.” Anthony Shaw / All About Jazz 2014


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