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* Jarmo Saari Solu Revisited at Tonefest 18 Feb, 2023.

* "Sad Songs From The Heart Of Europe"premier 21 Feb, 2023. Score & live music by Jarmo Saari.

* Composing and producing "Moominvalley" 3rd season with Samuli Kosminen complete!

* Chamber composition "4 Noctuidaes for harp" and "Wabi-sabi for 10 strings" premiered.

* "Jarmon saarella" Charity Gala raised 15 489,5€ for Protect Children Foundation.

Jarmo Saari Republic: "Soldiers of Light" album out and video "The Wunderers" released.

Jarmo Saari Republic - live

Jarmo Saari Republic live at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland.




Soldiers of Light

Jarmo Saari Republic is Jarmo Saari, Sami Kuoppamäki, Olavi Louhivuori and Abdissa Assefa.

This is the brand new album released in March 2019 worldwide by Membran.


27 Oct, 2022

"Villit Peurat"

Tampere-talo, Tampere

18 Feb, 2023
Jarmo Saari Solu 

ToneFest, Helsinki